Flash 500, Shortlist, Flash Fiction, Green Apple and the Milkman, Nov 22

Globe Soup Honourable Mention, Short Story, Extending the Olive Branch, Oct 22

Globe Soup, Finalist, 7 Day Writing Challenge. Short Story, Genre Gothic, Oct 22

Free Flash Fiction Competition 11, Short List, Pumping at Piha September 2022

Globe Soup, Finalist, 7 Day Writing Challenge, Short Story, Genre Western, Theme, an unlikely friendship, Sept 22

Lucent Dreaming, Short List, Short Story, Salvage, August 2022 due to be published in Anthology Spring 2023

Globe Soup, Honourable Mention, Short Memoir, Maxmobile, July 2022

Retreat West, Short List, Themed Flash Fiction, Calculus, July 2022

Flash 500, Longlist, The Sun Still Insists Upon Rising, July 2022

Bath Short Story Award, Long List, Extending the Olive Branch, July 2022

Globe Soup, Finalist 7 Day Writing Challenge, Short Story, Genre: Crime.  Black, White & Bluey July 2022

Retreat West Runner-up Themed Flash Fiction (Forest). Disenchantment in Three Recipes June 2022

Retreat West Short List Diorama of a Better Little Life, Micro, Theme: shrink Jun-22

Free Flash Fiction Long List, Are you there?  June 2022

Writers Playground 4th Place 7 day writing challenge with criteria, Short Story. Twelve Etudes May 2022

Audrey Niven Long List Flash Fiction. Long Slow day with Barocca and Pipis, April 2022

Globe Soup Finalist Avis 7 day writing challenge, Short Story, Theme: Simple Twist of Fate, Genre: horror.   Last Train to East Avis April 2022

Globe Soup Finalist Micro Fiction, Theme, Orange/yellow.  Forget Me Not You Double Headed Two Faced Princess. March 2022

Reflex Fiction Long List Flash Fiction, The Outhouse at Port Waikato.  Feb 2022

Flash 500 Long List Watching Strictly, February 2022

Flash 500 Long List Improvisation, February 2022


Retreat West Long List Micro fiction. Theme: Bottles. Preservation December 2021

Retreat West Long List Micro photo prompt.  Trying to Grow Old in Peace October 2021

Retreat West Long List micro fiction.  Park Out In Andalucía October 2021

Hammond House Short List Short Story, Theme Stardust.  Where the Spiders Were September 2021

Retreat West Runner-up Flash. Theme: Echo. Air Cooled VW Baja September 2021

Globe Soup Finalist Micro fiction.  Theme: Envy.   Casting for Bigger Fish in the Sea August 2021

Retreat West Winner, Micro fiction.  Theme: Bloom. Regifting July 2021

Globe Soup Finalist Micro fiction.  Theme: Sloth.  'Working' From Home July 2021

Retreat West Long List Micro fiction, photo prompt.   Mummy Says Let's Keep A Secret From Daddy, June 2021

Globe Soup, Winner 7 day writing challenge 1.  Short story, theme: Sacrifice, Genre: Crime. Big Boys Don't Cry, February 2021


Retreat West, Long List Flash, Theme: Bridges.   Overseas Experience, December 2020

Retreat West, Long List Short Story, Salvage, October 2020